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How to Land a Contract with LogistiCare

July 9, 2019

If you’re starting a new NEMT or paratransit business--or you’re just looking to expand service you’re already offering--you probably already know how important scoring a big contract can be for your business. That being said, if you want more background on starting your own transit company, including why contracts… Read More

10 Proven Strategies to Market Your Agency & Increase Rides Per Day

July 2, 2019

Whether you’re looking to grow your existing NEMT or Paratransit service or start a new company from scratch, these ten marketing tips will give you a good idea of where to begin when it comes to getting your organization’s name out!  Although marketing is an important part of NEMT/Paratransit… Read More

Why Startup NEMT Operations Need Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

June 25, 2019

With the baby boomers getting older and mobile technology developing at a fast pace, the world of NEMT (non-emergency-medical-transport), paratransit, and other microtransit options is getting bigger by the day.  If you’re looking to take advantage of this market to start your own provider service, you’ll need a thorough understanding… Read More

What NEMT Brokers are Operating in my Area?

June 17, 2019

If you’re in the world of paratransit, you already know why transportation brokers are so important for business. Just like paratransit and NEMT organizations themselves, brokers come in radically different sizes. Some are hyper-local, others are regional, and others are international in scope; there are, of course, advantages and… Read More

Top Five Customer Service Tips for Transit Drivers

June 3, 2019

For public-facing industries like transportation services, good customer service makes a tremendous difference in loyalty and therefore ridership numbers. Whether the transit company is a small NEMT operation or a larger public organization, there are essential quality customer service traits that all transit agencies should consider to be pillars… Read More

How Do Public Transit Funding Sources Work with NEMT and Microtransit?

May 29, 2019

The popularity of microtransit in general, especially non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), has continued to grow with America’s aging population alongside exciting advances in technology. With this growth comes new financial opportunities to enter the field or upgrade an existing fleet. Although private funding does exist--mostly in the form of… Read More

Starting a NEMT Operation? Here Are The 5 Things You Need to Know

May 20, 2019

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is a steadily-growing part of America’s transportation economy, especially as the Baby Boomer generation ages. Today, the world of NEMT is also changing rapidly as emerging technologies open new ways to connect riders and providers. If you’re thinking of capitalizing on this wave, it’s important to… Read More

What type of support should you expect from your NEMT software provider?

May 13, 2019

Across America, NEMT providers are dealing with rising costs and complexity of operations for a variety of reasons. This means that picking the right NEMT software has never been more crucial. With so many software companies competing for your transit agency’s business, one good place to figure out which… Read More

The Truth About Switching NEMT Software Providers

May 6, 2019

As new technologies emerge and massive demographic shifts hit the American transit system at the same time, change is certainly in the air for providers. To keep up with an evolving market, it’s time for all paratransit providers to consider upgrading the software they use to dispatch and manage… Read More