Accessible and Affordable Microtransit for the Masses

Launch a successful microtransit service in your community with TripMaster

MicroTransit by TripMaster

TripMaster allows transit agencies to manage microtransit alongside demand response and paratransit with one system. This means transit agencies can offer a range of services to their customers without having to juggle multiple systems.

TripMaster automates microtransit needs by offering functionality that allows for fare collection via debit and credit card and auto-assigning rides to the closest available driver and vehicle.


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“For MicroTransit to succeed, public transit systems must commit to significant communication and marketing efforts, as well as strategic branding and partnerships to spread the word about the new service. The more quickly customers try out MicroTransit, the better data agencies will receive sooner about how well it’s working.”

— Katherine Lewis, APTA

TripMaster Makes it Easy to Manage Microtransit and to Offer Microtransit to the Community.

Our comprehensive marketing packages include:

  • Direct mail to reach potential riders in lower income brackets with mail tracking to ensure successful delivery.
  • Digital marketing efforts with email outreach, Google ads, social media ads, and more that will lead to a dedicated, custom microtransit landing page.
  • Expert support from the TripMaster team


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Microtransit Case Study:

How JCATS uses TripMaster to power their microtansit service and create a positive community impact

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Why Direct Mail Is Key For Promoting Microtransit

Yes, you need digital marketing efforts, but for this specific audience, direct mail is still your most effective marketing strategy. It puts your message directly in the hands of those who would benefit most from Microtransit services.

Studies have proven direct mail:

  • Outperforms digital response rates by 600%
  • Is guaranteed to be seen by 90% of your audience
  • Is preferred by and found to be more personal than online interactions by 70% of consumers

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