What can Trip Master's paratransit software do for you?

Customer-driven features for paratransit scheduling and NEMT solutions

CTS Software offers a full suite of scheduling, dispatching, billing, and reporting software for the NEMT and paratransit industries. Our flagship product, Trip Master Enterprise Edition, stands alone as a complete solution, and we offer optional modules to help you reach the next level of service to your ridership.

No matter if you are a new, start-up transportation provider looking to kick off on the right foot or an established transit agency aiming to improve efficiency and integrate with new technologies, Trip Master will meet your needs now and into the future.

Automated Scheduling

Trip Master Software is key to the on-time performance your passengers deserve. It’s designed with efficiency in mind by generating schedules that decrease vehicle miles and drive time. With CTS Software’s Automated Scheduling engine, you will confidently create realistic, accurate schedules.

Now you can make every day a good day

  • Meet your organization’s unique needs with customizable scheduling settings
  • Minimize drive time and fuel consumption
  • Decrease – or eliminate – manual scheduling headaches
  • Provide optimal customer service with on-time performance
  • Stay within ride capacity while meeting individual mobility needs

Reservation Management

CTS Software set the industry standard with our intuitive scheduling process, and Trip Master revolutionizes how you build reservations. Your staff can create reoccurring and demand response-reservations with equal ease. The flexible, scalable system empowers you to create reservations the same day or up to an infinite day in the future.

One-screen schedule control

  • Rely on one main screen as a dispatching hub
  • Make on-the-fly changes to rides and routes
  • View maps of rides and routes
  • Pull up on-screen tracking of all vehicles
  • Dramatically decrease dispatcher-to-driver radio chatter

Mobile Data Terminals

CTS Software’s ParaScope app connects the road with the office, helping drivers and dispatchers communicate safely and efficiently. Because ParaScope displays the driver’s trip manifest electronically, trip information is updated in real time, and data such as pickup and dropoff odometers and times are captured immediately. Built-in GPS assists drivers navigating from one stop to another.

ParaScope driver app

  • Electronic manifest/trip sheet
  • Real-time data capture of times and odometers
  • Instant schedule updates
  • Safe messaging between drivers and dispatchers
  • Vehicle tracking on standalone maps

Automated Vehicle Locator

Vehicle tracking with a standalone map display is essential for efficiency. Seeing your entire fleet’s current location, speed, and capacity is only the beginning; you can also view tracking history of your vehicles down to the minute, giving you knowledge you need for reporting, incident tracking, and planning. Real-time dispatch updates and data collection give you greater oversight of those last-minute schedule changes.

Detailed fleet tracking

  • Standalone visual display of your vehicles’ attributes and driver behavior
  • Color coding to determine on-time performance
  • Visual history of your vehicles’ route and speed
  • Overlay location identifiers for real-time dispatching


Trip Master’s detailed mapping engine is updated quarterly to reflect new or closed roads, speed limit adjustments, and other critical information. With accurate real-time data, drivers have access to the most accurate listed and turn-by-turn directions possible. Accurate mapping allows you to create precise custom reports for drive time and mileage.

Wherever the road leads

  • Visual displays of rides and routes
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Drive time and mileage calculations
  • Quarterly map updates

Reporting and Billing

CTS Software has the most detailed reporting and billing engine in the industry. You can customize unlimited reports yourself to reflect billing or regulatory requirements, or get one-on-one help from our support staff at no extra cost. Reports include data from a wide range of management, finance, planning, and customer attributes. All reports, bills, and manifests are exportable to multiple formats.

Know your numbers

  • Powerful, time-saving report builder
  • No complicated queries
  • Free custom development of all mandatory state and federal reports
  • Unlimited access – really!

Integrated Voice Response

No-shows cost you time and money. CTS Software’s integrated voice response system, developed to complement Trip Master software, automatically contacts your passengers the day before and/or day of their scheduled ride with customizable notifications. IVR drastically reduces load time, no-shows, and everyone’s frustration. As a bonus, our system uses internet-based calling, leaving your phone lines free.

Call ahead to get ahead

  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Decrease no-shows
  • Cut back on wait times
  • Keep your phone lines free
  • Eliminate manual calls

Start your free trial today!

We offer a 30-day, no-risk trial: we’ll schedule a time to meet with you and activate Trip Master. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you don’t owe us anything. If you decided to keep Trip Master, we’ll initiate our proven training process for your staff and implement a rollout ASAP.