Mapping Platform for NEMT & Paratransit Software

Routes are always up-to-date and accurate


TripMaster’s detailed mapping engine is updated quarterly to reflect new or closed roads, speed limit adjustments, and other critical information.

Comprehensive solutions include:

  • Visual displays of rides and routes
  • Turn-by-turn directions
  • Drive time and mileage calculations
  • Quarterly map updates
  • Satellite view of locations while scheduling rides

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“With the drivers using tablets, they have become more efficient with their schedules and have the ability to do more trips in a day. Our drivers range from ages 25-85, and each one has expressed great satisfaction with ParaScope.”

— Gateway Services, IL

Stay on track & on time

With accurate real-time data, drivers have access to the most accurate listed and turn-by-turn directions possible. Accurate mapping allows you to create precise custom reports for drive time and mileage.


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