Create peace-of-mind with TripView's camera and software solution

Protect and improve fleet operations and your bottom line

Liability and insurance are two unavoidable pain points of the industry. TripView’s combined camera and software solution can help provide piece of mind in both areas and positively impact your bottom line. Our solution assists in exonerating your fleet in accidents, fighting exaggerated or fraudulent claims, and identifying and eliminating bad driver behavior.


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“We are extremely pleased that we chose CTS Software. The transition from manual scheduling into automated scheduling has gone smoothly. The drivers have transitioned more quickly than we ever expected, and the customer service we have received has been stellar!”

—Winchester Transit, VA


TripView offers a robust hardware and software solution that is the tool you need to protect and improve your fleet operations and bottom line.


• Multi-camera design
• In-demand technology
• 120-degree wide angle lens
• Various camera options
• Mount additional camera anywhere
• Video and audio recording
• Tamper-resistance locking cover
• Automated power-up & shutdown
• Compact size


• Automatic Video Uploads
• Shock, Accident & Driver Panic Button Alerts
• Customizable Alerting Formulas Generated by Rules Engine
• Camera History Access
• Live Driver Feed Available 24/7
• Geo-Fencing
• Cloud-Based Video Storage
• Fast 4G LTE Wireless”


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