Trip Broker Integration Platform for NEMT & Paratransit Software

Import & optimize trip broker data with ease

Trip Broker Integration

If you receive trips from one of the many trip brokers in the
industry, you probably spend too much time with reservations, scheduling, and billing—TripMaster can help.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for your trips to be automatically imported and optimized? Would you feel more confident knowing that trip information is audited before importing, and that your software has approved billing claims and invoices for your trip broker?

We thought so!

Our customers use TripMaster to import from and report to LogistiCare, MTM, Access2Care, and other brokers with ease.


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“Before CTS, I would say, ‘give me a couple days.’ Not anymore! Choose a report or an invoice, select your data range, a few clicks and PRINT! We are very satisfied with the product.”

— Transportation Plus of Lincoln, Inc. NE

Mobile solutions for broker management

Proof of transportation has become a standard trip broker requirement. With ParaScope, CTS Software’s MDT solution, capturing passenger signatures has gotten way easier. With a signature pad on each pickup verification screen, drivers can capture signatures that flow to TripMaster’s reporting engine. With our custom reports, you can print and/or export signature images to your trip broker.


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