Senior Living Communities

Transit Dispatching Software for Senior Living Communities of all sizes

TripMaster’s intuitive scheduling and dispatching software helps senior living communities meet their residents’ transportation needs.

Feel confident in the safety of your residents by being able to track vehicle health using TripMaster’s vehicle maintenance and pre and post-trip inspection modules.  Monitor and improve drivers’ driving behaviors with our fully integrated, live streaming camera solution. 

Community staff members will always know where the vehicle is by viewing the real-time vehicle locator.  In addition to this visibility, staff can remain in constant contact with drivers via our driver app.  

Our easy-to-use rider app eliminates the need to have multiple calls with residents’ families and gives them peace-of-mind by offering them the ability to book a ride for their family member or for the resident to book an appointment for themself.

Our suite of modular software tools lets you build a transportation schedule that works for your senior living community.


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Cut work load in half. I was constantly re-entering data before using TripMaster software. Customer support has been great. Very patient with any questions we have had.

Lisa Bailey - Mitchell County Transportation, NC

What can TripMaster do for you?

✅  Streamline your operation with TripMaster, an easy-to-use platform that maintains information all in one place as you schedule and dispatch trips for individuals, or groups.


✅  Gain flexibility by having the tools to adjust schedules on the fly to accommodate changing needs.


✅  Reduce no-shows and improve customer service by sending automated call or text reminders the night before and when the vehicle is on its way.


✅  Provide a cloud-based solution that stores all transportation aspects in one place. Keep every department on the same page and increase visibility.


✅  Increase on-time performance by knowing when and where your drivers are and if they’re on schedule with AVL tracking and notifications.


✅  Eliminate paperwork and stay in constant communication with drivers, and by using ParaScope, our intuitive driver app available on Android and iOS (Apple).


✅  Improve the safety of your drivers and riders with live-streaming cameras and driver scorecards, which can also be used for driver training, customer service initiatives and liability protection.

The attention CTS staff provides users is impeccable--their team is on top of all issues 24 hours a day. If there is a problem and we call customer service, someone (a person) answers the phone and is able to provide assistance. They follow up continuously until the problem is fixed.

Carol Long, Onslow United Transit System