Mobile Data Terminals for NEMT & Paratransit Software

Ensure safety & reliability for each fleet vehicle with ease

Mobile Data Terminals

CTS Software’s ParaScope app connects the road with the office, helping drivers and dispatchers communicate safely and efficiently. Because ParaScope displays the driver’s trip manifest electronically, trip information is updated in real time, and data such as pickup and dropoff odometers and times are captured immediately. Built-in GPS assists drivers navigating from one stop to another.

ParaScope includes:

  • Electronic manifests/trip sheets
  • Electronic vehicle inspections
  • Real-time data capture of times and odometers
  • Instant schedule updates
  • Safer messaging between drivers and dispatchers
  • Vehicle tracking on standalone maps
  • Electronic signature capture


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“With the drivers using tablets, they have become more efficient with their schedules and the ability to do more trips in a day. Our drivers range from ages 25-85, and each one has expressed great satisfaction with ParaScope.”

— Gateway Services, IL

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CTS Software works directly with your company to find the best device options, mounts, and data plan. CTS online training and our one-on-one driver training guarantee success!


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