Micro-Transit: The Who's What's and Why's

By June 17, 2022

The Who's, What's, and Whys

People in today’s day and age need to go everywhere, and fast. From appointments and meetings to classes and work, they’re always on the move – whether that be by the traditional means of bus, streetcar or taxicab.

But what if they have specific needs or preferences when it comes to the ride they take? Enter micro-transit.

What Is Micro-Transit?

Micro-transit is a relatively new, yet quickly-popularlizing concept in the world of public transport. It sits at a unique nexus between private (cars or taxicabs) and mass public (busses and subways) means of transportation, offering an accommodation that is both personalized and flexible.

Micro-transit vehicles will normally come in the size of a large van, and operate via an on-demand framework that allows riders to easily request a trip on a moment’s notice.

As a smaller-scale form of public transport, these rides will often be shared with others using the service, and take a route that is optimized to accommodate all destinations.

What Does It Have To Offer?

Micro-transit is still in its early days, but it’s already becoming clear that the system has a lot to offer users. For one, it can provide first- and last-mile service for transit riders – getting them from their homes to a bus or train stop, and then from the stop to their final destination.

This is a major selling point, as the “first mile/last mile” problem has long been a barrier to entry for public transport.

In addition, micro-transit can help to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, as riders are encouraged to share vehicles rather than each taking their own car.

Finally, it’s also been shown to be a more cost-effective option than traditional public transport, as micro-transit vehicles can make use of existing infrastructure (such as bus lanes) and don’t require large subsidies to operate.

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