Top 5 Reasons to Choose TripMaster

By July 29, 2021

This year, the global non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) market is expected to exceed more than $7.5 billion, up from just north of $7 billion in 2020. 

There’s little expectation the market will slow in the near future, with some reports trending the industry to reach more than $10.6 billion in the next five years.

With this growth, there is an increase in both NEMT and paratransit providers into the market, as well as a growing number of software as a service (SaaS) solutions looking to fill gaps and provide services for these emerging NEMT companies.

If you’re operating an NEMT or paratransit business, you know how increasingly complex it’s becoming. From providing riders with more technology-based options to interact with your company, to managing invoicing, billing, and Medicaid and insurance payments, there’s a lot to balance. 

On top of that, you have to ensure your fleet is safe and your routes run efficiently and that you have enough drivers who are trained and certified to meet the needs of your growing NEMT rider base.

Unfortunately, many companies today, especially those that started small and have scaled in recent years, struggle to keep up with everything. 

If you’re managing parts of your NEMT operations in spreadsheets or you’re still relying on paper manifests, staff created routes and schedules, or clunky in-vehicle terminals, your burden may only grow as you try to keep up with competitors edging their way into this growing NEMT services market today and in the future.

And, with so many SaaS providers promising you they can solve all your growing pains, if you rush to pick one, you may very well find yourself juggling disparate solutions that are as difficult to manage as those outdated paper manifests and spreadsheets.

So how do you know which NEMT scheduling solution is right for you? How do you know which NEMT software is going to help you automate manual repetitive tasks, decrease duplicated work and the chance of human error, and provide the most exceptional services to your riders and for your staff.

If you’re looking at some of the newest tech emerging from software developers who have no NEMT experience, you may be dropping money out of your budget into technology that just sits on your computers unused. Instead, consider going with one of the industry’s most trusted and respected NEMT software for billing, dispatching, scheduling, and more.

Here are the top five reasons TripMaster is the only NEMT software you’ll ever need to run your NEMT and paratransit operations and scale along with the industry, setting you apart from all of your competitors.

1. Reputation

While there are other good SaaS solutions for NEMT and paratransit out there, few, if any, can bring the same reputation and experience to the table as TripMaster. 

TripMaster was developed by CTS Software, a software company that has specialized in transportation-related technology since 1982. That’s almost three decades of experience, not just in software development, but specifically in the NEMT and paratransit space. 

TripMaster was built from the ground up by a team of professionals who know the ins-and-outs of NEMT operations, including the complex relationships and requirements between NEMT companies and federal agencies, such as Medicaid, as well working with insurance companies around the nation, and a range of NEMT broker services and specialists, especially those with government contracts. 

TripMaster is trusted by some of the best NEMT providers across the United States. The company supports on-demand and small-scale fixed-route capabilities, across a range of funding sources, from fleets as small as just one vehicle to those that manage hundreds.

On top of that, TripMaster has outstanding customer reviews and 4.5 out of 5 stars from Capterra, an online service that helps you compare similar services and get feedback from real customers about their experiences.

And if those accolades don’t speak highly enough about TripMaster’s reputation, you may also love the fact that it’s HIPAA compliant, meaning it takes HIPAA data privacy and security requirements seriously and has demonstrated its proficiency in keeping your sensitive data safe.

2. Customer Service

TripMaster’s customer service is second-to-none, which is likely why it ranks so highly when reviewed by its clients.

When you first try TripMaster software, you have 90-days, with a money-back guarantee, that you’re going to love the product.

As part of its ongoing customer support, TripMaster provides online training for your team, and you’ll always have access to its customer support portal, as well as support via phone call or email. Any time. Any day. Regardless of what issue you encounter.

TripMaster’s customers often highly praise its customer support. Not just because they make it clear and easy from the get-go about how to use the software with the most benefits to your company, but that they’re always eager to listen to customer concerns, answer questions, and provide solutions as quickly and as accurately as possible.

And it’s not just about the quality of that customer service, it’s also about industry-leading response times. On average, CTS Software’s response time for TripMaster customers is about 15 minutes. The average call/email support issue is typically resolved in 30 minutes or less.

And customer feedback means a lot to the CTS Software team. They’re always listening to feedback about ways to improve the software and quickly address bugs or other issues if they pop up. 

3. Integrations

If you’re ever purchased a new software solution, you may know the headache that comes along with it. While that solution may solve some of your company’s needs, it can sometimes speak a different language than other software you’re already using, making it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to share data and tackle your responsibilities in the most efficient manner possible.

You don’t have to worry about that with TripMaster. In fact, with TripMaster’s API, you’ll find you can integrate most of your core existing solutions within the platform, for example billing or trip-scheduling.

TripMaster recognizes the important role trip brokers play in the growth of many NEMT companies. That’s why it’s proud to include integrations with some of the nation’s biggest and most-recognized brokers, right in the platform.

Did you know that TripMaster is a premiere partner with national brokers such as ModivCare (formerly LogistiCare) and Alivi, and has full integrations with other top brokers such as One Call, MTM and Ride Health? That means any of your trips booked through these (and other) brokers, can be accessed right in the TripMaster platform, including any changes or updates for trips as they happen. You can also easily manage your mileage and payment information for these trips in TripMaster, too.

4. Total operations management

Another thing that sets TripMaster apart from other solutions on the market is its ability to tackle all of your key operational tasks right in the platform, without having to move data from one solution to another. Everything you need to run your business is accessible right there within TripMaster.

While there’s certainly more to our offerings than this, here are some of the key operational components of NEMT services you can handle with TripMaster:

5. Cost-savings

Because TripMaster will improve your operational efficiency by automating tasks and decreasing the amount of time your staff has to deal with phone calls, spreadsheets, paper manifests, and other manual, repetitive tasks you’ll quickly see cost savings year-over-year.

But it’s not just the back-end of the service that pays off. TripMaster’s simplified pricing model and pay-as-you-go features means you always know what to expect when it comes to purchasing, implementing, using, and scaling the platform as your NEMT operations evolve and scale overtime. 

Regardless of your budget, CTS Software has a solution for you, one that ensures you have the features and requirements you need without breaking the bank. Since the NEMT software is cloud-hosted, you can also enjoy the benefits of its month-to-month pricing model where you won’t incur upfront costs (other than the initial training fee). However, if you’d like to pay for the service on an annual basis based on your company’s budgeting processes, there’s a standard pricing model available, too.

Choosing the best NEMT solution

We could go on and on with more than 5 great reasons why TripMaster is the only NEMT software you’ll ever need to run your NEMT and paratransit business, but you really should see for yourself.