TripMaster Expands Its ModivCare Partnership As a New Premier Partner

By March 11, 2021

For more than eight years, TripMaster, powered by CTS Software, has been building and enhancing its relationship with ModivCare (formerly LogistiCare) and is excited to see that relationship evolve as TripMaster becomes one of only three Premiere Partners with the company.

The TripMaster/ModivCare premiere partnership means non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) and paratransit providers can continue to improve their services by employing software, preferred by ModivCare, that simplifies NEMT management, making your operations more efficient and cost-effective, and your riders and partners happier.

Who is ModivCare?

ModivCare is a tech-forward, leader in logistics company dedicated to improving access and connections to healthcare by addressing social factors that impact patient health experiences.

By focusing on NEMT and related transportation services, ModivCare connects providers with riders to facilitate transportation to important healthcare and related services, with a focus on working with state agencies and managed care organizations (MCOs).

ModivCare was formerly known as Logisticare and recently underwent a name change to further reflect its commitment to connections that enable people to achieve their best health. 

Each year, ModivCare providers facilitate about 64 million rides, serving 24 million members annually. With more than 35 years’ experience, the company celebrates facilitating more than 1 billion connections to care.

The Partnership

TripMaster is ModivCare’s most established software provider. They have worked closely together for more than eight years, with a focus on improving software offerings that help NEMT providers improve productivity and run more efficient operations.

With the TripMaster/ModivCare API integration, providers can improve their NEMT scheduling activities by using TripMaster software to handle tasks related to scheduling, dispatching, billing, vehicle tracking, reporting, and more. 

When ModivCare brokers a trip for your NEMT services, you can directly import that trip information into the TripMaster software with its seamless integration between ModivCare’s web portal and the TripMaster solution. 

With the integration, you can click a single button in the web portal that will add the trip information into TripMaster, enabling you to access all trip details such as level of service (LOS), billable mileage, and other important trip details. 

When your driver uses TripMaster’s ParaScope, its robust driver app, to collect electronic signatures and document passenger pick-up, drop-off, and other required documentation, the interface will automatically upload all that data back into ModivCare’s web portal to facilitate billing and payments.

How It Works

Using an API, once you’ve imported a trip into TripMaster, you then have access to the full suite of TripMaster services (some of which you can opt-in) such as ParaScope, TripSchedule, and more. 

The integration also means you’ll have access to a revenue report that will show you exactly how much revenue each trip will generate, so you have instant insight into each route. 

TripMaster even conducts its own direct mileage calculation so you can double-check it against the ModivCare estimate as another way to ensure you always get paid the right amount.

If ModivCare facilitates any changes to a trip, everything is automatically updated in TripMaster, meaning you always have up-to-date information without all the manual work and hassle. That includes cancelations, time changes, and even same-day add-ons.


While you can use TripMaster to manage your ModivCare rides, you can also use it for all your trips and routes, regardless of the funding source. 

TripMaster supports a full API integration or data import/export functionality with an ever-growing list of brokers, including Alivi, Ride Health, One Call, MTM, Access2Care, and many more. If you want insight specifically into ModivCare trips, then you can use the TripMaster interface to see which rides were imported from ModivCare. You can also track which invoices the system generates back to ModivCare so you can track payments and always know what’s in the pipeline to come back your way.

Here are some of the other benefits of the TripMaster/ModivCare premiere partnership and some of the ways they can support your NEMT agency:

  • Android and iOS Driver app
  • Optimized scheduling
  • Providers can qualify for 10 cent rebate per trip if they meet ModivCare’s digitization requirements
  • Automated billing for all your services
  • In-vehicle electronic signatures with ParaScope to facilitate faster billing and payments
  • More insight into all the dollars and cents related to your routes and riders
  • Automated and optimized route scheduling to ensure you’re running efficient routes and meeting your on-time performance (OTP) goals
  • Rider portal online scheduling so your riders can conveniently schedule trips without tying up your staff with reservations on the phone
  • TripReminder, an integrated voice response system, automatically contacts your passengers the day before and the day of scheduled trips (with customizable notifications) so no one forgets an appointment
  • TripPass to facilitate flexible digital payments and eliminate the hassle of drivers (and riders) having to carry cash or exact fare fees
  • Streamlined, digital back-office operations to help improve employee efficiencies in the office or in remote work environments
  • Real-time vehicle tracking so you always know where your drivers are and if they’re encountering any issues, which may impact the ability to meet your route performance expectations
  • Contract management
  • Customizable reports along with a full suite of standard reports
  • Vehicle maintenance module so you always have insight into vehicle parameters such as service requests and needs, mileage, and more
  • Pre- and post-trip inspections that are customizable to your needs so you can feel confident your fleets are evaluated before and after a trip 

And, with one of our newest features, ModivCare providers can also opt in to TripView, a combined camera and software solution that gives you insight into what’s happening with your fleet and driver behaviors wherever they are. You’ll have access to liability-reducing information such as real-time accident insight or visibility into any customer and/or driver issues before, during, and after a trip.

At TripMaster, we understand that for some companies, adopting a new software solution can be daunting, but TripMaster isn’t like other solutions. Its quick and easy setup as a web-based solution, accompanied by outstanding customer support and training, means your team will find TripMaster so simple to use so quickly, you’ll wonder how you’ve been operating this long without it.