How NEMT Software Keeps Your Transit Agency Compliant and Increases Accuracy

By March 10, 2022

If your transit agency has NEMT software in place to assist with things like billing, dispatching, and scheduling, you know what a huge help it can be to keep your operation running smoothly. 

But did you know your NEMT software is capable of more? 

A lot more in fact. Most systems can not only help you organize your data, but also make sense of your reports and billing. It also can help you navigate the tricky waters of compliance.

How? Let’s take a quick look.

Making Sense of Reports & Billing

What’s the point of gathering all of that data if you don’t know what it means or how to use it?

Trust us, we get it — those numbers can be overwhelming. But when you harness the power of an industry-leading reporting and billing engine, you make those numbers go to work for you instead of being overwhelmed. 

TripReporting for NEMT and paratransit software can help you really get to know your numbers. 

You get unlimited access to all of your data and reports. Eliminate complicated, time-consuming queries with a powerful, time-saving report builder. You’ll even get free custom development of all mandatory state and federal reports as well as easy statewide Medicaid billing (more on this in a bit).

With the most detailed reporting and billing engine in the industry, you get the unlimited, customized reports you need to reflect your billing and/or regulatory requirements. These reports include data from a wide range of management, finance, planning, and customer attributes, all of which are exportable to multiple formats. 

The software allows you to empower your team with customizable reports, giving them the data they need to thrive in their roles. You’ll make better business decisions and turn your transit agency into even more organized, reliable providers. That’s how you deliver on your promises and exceed customer expectations. 

How CTS Software Make Staying Compliant Easier

Want a way for your transit and paratransit agency to stay compliant with minimal effort? Look no further. 

TripReporting is able to keep up with ever-changing and expanding regulations to help you collect and report the data that you are required to provide. The system works with state Medicaid providers and other funding sources to ensure that you meet all of the reporting requirements.

Our custom reporting tool helps you stay compliant by giving you the flexibility you need to pull the proper information and create the custom reports that suit your state’s requirements. We know regulations can be difficult to keep up with, which is why a knowledgeable support staff is at the ready — at no extra charge — to help you build new reports whenever your state requires them.

Take Things Further With Driver Certifications

You can also now add Driver Certifications to make sure your drivers are meeting certain requirements like drug and alcohol testing, drivers license renewals, insurance, First Aid/CPR, CDL, and more. Create the list of certifications your drivers need and how often they need to be renewed.  Then you will receive automated emails alerting you to upcoming renewals, to ensure your drivers are compliant.  With driver shortages increasing the last thing you want to have to do is pull a driver due to lack of a certification renewal. 


The right NEMT software partner can not only help your transit and paratransit agency with your billing, dispatching, and scheduling, but also to navigate the tricky waters of reporting accuracy and remaining compliant. 

When you understand your numbers and can easily access them to create the reports your state requires, you’re able to save time you’d otherwise spend digging for data to keep your operation in compliance. Leave that work to us!
TripReporting from TripMaster is at your service. Get in touch today to give us a try and see how our clean, modern, ultra-responsive software can help take your transit agency to the next level.