TripMaster, FDOT, & Passio Partnership Announcement

By June 29, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has chosen us as an approved software vendor!

Florida state-run transit agencies can now directly implement our solutions rather than waiting on FDOT approval. 

Paired with our sister company, Passio Technologies, we can seamlessly offer you the best in class for on-demand and fixed-route solutions in one package.

For over 30 years CTS Software has been developing TripMaster and earned the trust of more than 500 customers, with a focus on-demand response and paratransit.

Our 40 Florida based customers give us the insight into Florida transit providers’ high priority needs and filling them such as: pre and post trip inspections, MDT/AVL, FL specific reporting, FL Medicaid billing, cameras, mobile app/online passenger trip management, and electronic fare collection. 

CTS has customized reports and billing such as the FLTD report,  FLTD No Show Report, Units of Service Report, AOR Report, and FL Medicaid Billing.

Our reservation page is also modified to meet specific needs in Florida.

CTS integrates with FL trip brokers and is considered a Premier Partner of ModivCare, Alivi, MTM and A2C.  Our full integrations with these brokers as well as numerous others, result in reduced time to payment, manual effort and errors. 

Our expertise in NEMT, paratransit, and demand response paired with our partner, Passio’s, best in class fixed route transit solutions gives you the best of both worlds.  Seamlessly meeting the unique needs of Florida transit agencies. 

Passio counts amongst its advanced fixed-route offerings: a rider app (Passio GO) Passenger Counting (electric and automatic), Automatic Voice Announcements, LED Signage, and more. Both CTS and Passio offer integrated on-board live streaming cameras and video, digital fare collection, vehicle maintenance, automated scheduling, a driver app, call and text reminders, a rider portal, and more!  

On the back end, Passio and CTS Software’s solutions are fully integrated, but on the front end, we allow for varying degrees of customization. Meaning if a separate department handles fixed route and demand-based transit, it’s no problem!

Our transit offerings work together for Florida agencies, like GPS reporting allowing transit agencies to view their fleet’s exact locations, speed, and vehicle capacity for both fixed route and demand-based vehicles.

We look forward to continuing to serve our existing customers while also being able to bring the benefit of our partnership with Passio to provide the best solutions for the Florida market and increase our support of the state.  

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