TripMaster is Now A Premier Partner with Alivi

By March 17, 2021

TripMaster is excited to announce it is now a Premier Partner with Alivi, a healthcare benefits management solution dedicated to increasing health outcomes.

Who is Alivi?

Alivi helps health plans deliver healthcare benefits, including solutions for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), ancillary and supplemental benefits, and healthcare administration.

Based in Miami, Florida, Alivi is a privately-held company with a unique combination of experience in healthcare benefit administration with technology expertise that enables it to facilitate exceptional provider network management that make operations more efficient, manage costs, and improve healthcare outcomes.

Alivi members can access Alivi partners for a variety of transportation solutions related to their mobility needs, including NEMT. 

Members can use Alivi’s EpicRide NEMT software to connect with a dedicated call center for their transportation needs. This allows riders and providers to schedule and track trips with ease, all while increasing access to NEMT services, reducing appointment no-shows, and increasing access to preventatives and other case services to decrease patient trips to the emergency room or other critical health issues.

Alivi’s members are supported with a range of transportation services including: 


This service provides transportation for riders who need help walking or standing.


This service supports riders who need help from the door of their homes to their appointment destinations.


This service supports riders who need additional assistance from caretaker to caregiver.

Wheelchair transportation

This service provides transportation with a wheelchair ramp for wheelchair riders who cannot move from the wheelchair to a seat.

Stretcher transportation

Bed-bound riders who must travel on a stretcher can ensure their transportation needs are met, too.

Non-emergency ambulance service

This service provides non-emergency ambulance transportation for riders who are on basic or advanced life support.

In addition to these transportation services, Alivi family members and friends who provide transportation can get transportation reimbursement and members who can access public transportation can choose that option and get public transportation passes to get to healthcare and related services.

All of these options ensure that specialized transportation is always available to meet every member’s unique transportation needs.

Who is TripMaster?

TripMaster originated in 1982 as CTS Management Company, an East Coast-based company with a focus on transportation services. As the CTS Management team focused on solutions for the transportation industry, they quickly saw significant gaps in transportation-based technologies. 

As a result, in 1986, CTS Management evolved into CTS Software and shifted its focus from the broader industry to transportation management software exclusively.

For the past 35 years, CTS Software has built its experience and reputation as the leading provider of NEMT software for billing, dispatching, and scheduling in the United States. Today, TripMaster powers approximately 500 NEMT and paratransit providers—a list that’s growing by the day—ensuring, regardless of how small or large the operation is, they are ever-more efficient and successful, while increasing rides and improving rider satisfaction.

TripMaster software helps transportation providers with a range of services including:

  • Automated scheduling that improves on-time performance (OTP) and eliminates manual scheduling challenges and errors
  • On-demand reservation management that facilitates same-day pick-up or future pick-ups as needed
  • Mobile data terminal solution, ParaScope, which facilitates real-time communication between dispatch and drivers, ensuring vehicles are safe, schedules are current, routes are accurate, and riders can complete transactions with secure electronic signatures
  • Automated vehicle location (AVL) so you always know where your fleet is and where it’s headed
  • Automated mapping to ensure your routes are always updated and accurate
  • Reporting and billing features that enable you to customize reports, meet billing and regulatory requirements, and facilitate Medicaid billing.
  • Rider ticketing for safe and efficient fare tracking and collections
  • TripPortal to enable riders to schedule trips at any time, freeing up your staff from reservation calls to handle other tasks
  • Vehicle maintenance to stay on top of your vehicle warranties and maintenance needs
  • Pre- and post-trip inspections allow for identification of potential vehicle issues to help keep drivers and riders safe on the road
  • Automated trip reminder calls to reduce the number of no-shows

Alivi and NEMT Providers

Alivi also provides unique opportunities for NEMT providers. As a Premier Partner, Alivi has recognized TripMaster as a leader in the NEMT industry and together they can help other NEMT and paratransit providers increase trip volume and streamline ride scheduling, route management, payments, and reimbursement from Medicaid.

NEMT providers who use Alivi’s NEMT software can use TripMaster’s API integration to automate trip imports and to export billing data so providers can get paid quickly—and accurately on all Alivi trips. 

Alivi NEMT network providers can also experience service benefits such as the ability to access more riders to schedule more trips, and can streamline operations with confidence when it comes to billing and payments. 

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