TripMaster: Seamless Integration with LogistiCare for NEMT Scheduling, Trip Management, and Billing

By February 7, 2020

If you’re in the business of non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), you’ve probably more than just heard of LogistiCare—you may rely on them. 

That’s because LogistiCare is the largest NEMT manager in the United States.

And now, thanks to TripMaster, managing your LogistiCare trips just got a whole lot easier. 

TripMaster’s national LogistiCare contract means LogistiCare will cover the cost of TripMaster software for any trips it brokers for your company. 

And seamless integration with LogistiCare means you can easily manage scheduling, vehicle tracking, billing and more through TripMaster, your favorite NEMT scheduling software.

What is LogistiCare?

State governments and managed care organizations partner with companies like LogistiCare to help run their NEMT programs. 

Today, LogistiCare is responsible for more than 230 NEMT programs in 49 states. It manages more than 61 million rides each year and serves more than 24 million members.

LogistiCare also has more than 5,000 transportation provider partners.

What is TripMaster?

TripMaster started back in 1982 as CTS Management Company. Since its beginning, the company has focused on transportation. 

Not long after starting, the team saw a gap in quality transportation software. In a bid to close that gap and better serve customers, just four years later, in 1986, CTS Software was born, moving the company into transportation management software—its core focus ever since.

CTS’s level of expertise is one of many things that sets TripMaster apart from other NEMT and paratransit software solutions.

When it comes to working with LogistiCare, the TripMaster team brings its unprecedented level of experience to the table—not just because it has worked exclusively in NEMT and paratransit software for more than three decades, but because it also has a solid partnership with LogistiCare. 

This partnership includes tested, implemented, and quality software integrations—that work and are trusted—for the past five years.

TripMaster/LogistiCare Interface

When it comes to efficiency and productivity, TripMaster’s NEMT scheduling software helps NEMT providers take scheduling, billing, reporting and vehicle tracking tasks to all-new levels. 

If you’re an existing TripMaster client—or thinking about becoming one—this is what the integration with LogistiCare means for you. 

If LogistiCare brokers a trip for you, you can easily import that trip directly into TripMaster.

There is seamless integration between LogistiCare’s transportation provider web portal and your TripMaster database. With a simple click of a button, your LogistiCare trip is visible within TripMaster and comes over with billable mileage, Level of Service (LOS) and all other critical details to provide service in a timely manner. 

Using the full resources of TripMaster, you can then manage all the important features of that trip. If LogistiCare makes modifications, for example, same-day add-ons, cancelations, or time changes, you get the most up-to-date information in TripMaster. 

TripMaster also does its own direct mileage calculation and allows you to compare that to what LogistiCare sent with the trip so you can ensure you get paid the amount you deserve. 

When a LogistiCare call center reaches out about a trip, TripMaster has you covered with its real-time vehicle tracking so you can quickly and accurately provide current status.

The TripMaster/LogistiCare integration means you can also collect electronic passenger signatures through TripMaster’s mobile app, ParaScope. The mobile app also enables your drivers to document passenger pick-up and drop-off times. 

When a driver completes a trip with proper documentation and electronic signatures, TripMaster automatically uploads that data to LogistiCare’s customer web portal for billing and payment.  

TripMaster’s mileage comparison and automatic billing calculation help ensure you get paid the amount you deserve for each trip.

In addition to the Logisticare interface, here are a few other great benefits of the TripMaster/LogistiCare integration:

Are you ready to learn more about how TripMaster can help you better manage your LogistiCare trips? 

With our 90-day money-back guarantee, you can take TripMaster for a test drive to see how it can work for your NEMT operations. 

Contact TripMaster today and we’ll answer any questions you may have. We’ll even set up a demo so you can see the software in action. 

Don’t miss this chance to put TripMaster’s national LogistiCare contract to work for you.