Customer Spotlight: Navarre Corporation Provides Outstanding NEMT Services for Veterans

By December 13, 2019

Nashville-based Navarre Corporation is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company that provides outstanding customer service and support for our nation’s veterans.

The company was founded in 2011 and serves about 4,000 veterans each year, logging more than 120,000 trips and more than 8 million miles of service.

With more than 250 drivers in its fleet, Navarre’s team facilitates transportation for veterans who receive care through the United States Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Centers.

“As a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business, it’s important to us to help other veterans get the care they deserve,” said Tyler Pinson, Navarre General Manager. 

That’s specialized service for veterans is one of the many things that sets Navarre apart from its competitors.

“We take pride in the workforce we’ve built,” Pinson said. “Many of our employees are veterans and most who are not, took this job because they want to help veterans.”

Currently, Navarre provides veterans with transportation to medical and related appointments at the following medical centers: Ann Arbor (Michigan) VAMC, Indianapolis (Indiana) VAMC, Murfreesboro (Tennessee) VAMC, Nashville (Tennessee) VAMC, Salisbury (North Carolina) VAMC, Marion (Illinois) VAMC, and Gainesville (Florida) VAMC. In addition to NEMT, the company also helps with oxygen and mobility devices, and specifically ambulatory transportation, stretcher transportation, and wheelchair transportation.

A few years ago, some Navarre team members attended a transportation convention where they heard about TripMaster, powered by CTS Software. They knew an NEMT software platform like TripMaster could help the company improve services and operational efficiencies, and the timing was right—they were ready to implement a new solution.

Navarre has used TripMaster for about two years, and team members couldn’t be happier.

“We have new employees who have come from other companies in this industry and they are amazed at how much more they can accomplish is a shorter amount of time,” Pinson explained. “Getting away from using pen and paper—and the burdensome record-keeping that paper files require—has helped so many of our employees focus on what really matters, and that’s customer service.”

TripMaster also helps Navarre create more efficient, accurate, and faster billing and invoices, meaning the company gets paid faster for its services.

“We are overall way more efficient with our operations,” Pinson said.

And TripMaster isn’t just making employees and managers happy. It’s also making customers happy.

“Our customers love the reporting and invoicing methods TripMaster enables us to use. The historical data can be easily pulled. Real-time trip data is also extremely helpful for customers,” he said.

With TripMaster’s Rider Portal and online reservation options, riders also love how simple it is to schedule trips with Navarre.

“We have all their information stored in the software, which allows riders to make reservations quickly and easily.”

From a management perspective, Pinson says TripMaster also provides valuable insight into Navarre’s fleet and overall operations. TripMaster’s reporting features allow team members to look at data at any time of the day—from any remote location—to see just how well the company is performing at any given time. This helps the team make adjustments and improvements as needed in near real-time.

Adopting a new software platform isn’t always easy, but Pinson says TripMaster was a cinch. Not only was the software easy to implement, staff adapted quickly.

“We showed the ParaScope feature to our drivers once and they all picked up the process with ease,” he said. “The processes for office staff are quite simple as well. In fact, they are much easier than the traditional pen-and-paper processes we had in place before.”

The team has also been incredibly satisfied by CTS Software’s customer support. Pinson said Navarre always gets a quick response, whenever they need one.

“If we call in, someone always answers, and more importantly, that person can help.”

Navarre’s experience with TripMaster so far has been so exceptional, Pinson says they definitely recommend it for other NEMT and paratransit providers.

“The cost-savings is a great selling point to us,” Pinson added, “but aside from that, there is no way we would want to go back to the old-school methods we were using before implementing TripMaster. Our service has improved drastically and the mistakes that were made in the past because of human error have nearly been eliminated. We want to continue to move forward, not backward.”

If you’re looking for an NEMT dispatching software platform or want to know more about how NEMT software can help improve your operations, Navarre’s story is a great place to start.

“TripMaster is a great platform for this service and no matter the size of your fleet, I recommend using it,” Pinson said. “The CTS team is great and one of the easiest companies to work with. They care about their customers and will work with you on whatever issues you are having.”

Ready to see how TripMaster can improve your NEMT operations and make your customers happier? Schedule a demo now and we’ll be happy to show you how you can work smarter, not harder, and meet all of your NEMT service goals.

TripMaster also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. Simply connect with the TripMaster team, get some online training, and TripMaster is ready to go. If you love it, and we know you will, we’ll continue to provide unmatched technical support and free ongoing updates as well as monthly webinars to ensure you are getting the most value possible.