Customer Spotlight: How TripMaster Makes ‘Everything More Simple for Everyone’ at Independence Inc.

By March 3, 2020

“It has saved my sanity.”

That’s how LaNeece Jardon, transportation manager with Independence Inc., describes her workdays now that her company uses TripMaster as its non-emergency medical transportation software solution.

Before TripMaster, Jardon used Google Calendars and paper printouts to manage drivers and routes.

“It was too hard,” she said, pointing out frustrations with the dated approach, which, quite simply, just took up too much of her time in the office.

Looking for a solution to improve efficiencies, Jardon called the team at CTS Software, the brainpower behind TripMaster, and requested a demo.

After seeing the software in action, it didn’t take long for her to get hooked.

“I was immediately impressed with all the features and online training,” she said. And it helped that the software is simple to install and easy to use. 

Jardon said she even trained the company’s drivers—by herself—on the new platform in about 10 minutes. She said some of the company’s drivers aren’t computer or tech-savvy, but they had no trouble adapting. The drivers picked up on the software quickly and immediately put it to use.

“It really changed the outlook of the department,” Jardon said.

One of her favorite features is TripMaster’s integration with Logisticare

Independence Inc. provides service for Medicaid trips contracted with LogistiCare. Before TripMaster, Jardon had to print out Logisticare trip logs and add them to drivers’ run sheets.

TripMaster eliminated the need for paper manifests for those Logisticare (and other) trips.

With TripMaster, Independence Inc. team members can instantly—with a single click of a button at the top corner of the TripMaster screen—import Logisticare rides right into TripMaster. 

From there, drivers and other team members have real-time access to any changes or updates made through Logisticare, along with any other adjustments to other service routes.

“It’s made everything more simple for everyone,” Jardon said.

And the efficiencies powered by TripMaster mean Independence Inc. can continue to provide exceptional customer service for the greater Northeast Kansas area, where the company is based since 1972. 

Improved customer service also helps Independence Inc. focus on its mission to maximize independence for people with disabilities through advocacy, peer support, training, transportation and community education. 

Independence Inc., which is a center for independent living (CIL), is the only CIL in Kansas that offers transportation services. 

Each year, the company provides about 8,000 trips for clients. It has a small fleet of four ramp-equipped minivans and a large 12-passenger bus with a lift. 

With four drivers always on the road, Jardon relies on TripMaster to ensure routes are accurate and on-time, and sometimes even jumps in as a driver when the team needs help. 

She can still manage routes and services with ease—straight from a WiFi or cell-enabled mobile device—using TripMaster.

And that’s a big help considering the amount of miles those drivers rack up each year. 

For example, between July 2017-June 2018, the company provided nearly 7,500 rides trekking almost 120,000 miles to ensure clients have access to needed services and support.

The Independence team has used TripMaster software for a little more than three years, and not only are employees happier so are clients.

“TripMaster has allowed us to provide better on-time performance (OTP),” Jardon said. “And our riders who pay monthly love it. I simply run an invoice; it shows dates, time, and amounts owed.”

Part of that improved customer service is also reflected in the scheduling accuracy TripMaster provides.

“Our schedules have almost zero errors on them,” Jardon explained. “The navigation has helped tremendously. I can simply move a ride from one driver to another and a message shows up on the drivers’ tablets.”

Drivers have real-time access to route changes through ParaScope, which also displays a manifest for each trip, including pick-up and drop-off times and odometer readings. Drivers can even collect digital signatures from riders to complete paperwork right from the vehicle, saving both the company and clients time and effort.

Back in the office, Jardon can see maps of where her drivers are at any time, and if there are issues, she can make adjustments within TripMaster that are instantly communicated back to drivers.

“It has allowed me to better manage time with rides. This program has saved my sanity! I have so much more free time to work on reports, grants, and other duties.”

The software’s affordability is another bonus, especially since Independence Inc. is a nonprofit.

Since implementing the software, Jardon said the team hasn’t encountered many technical issues or had service issues, but whenever they have a question, she knows she can call or email and get a prompt response.

“They are extremely fast and helpful,” she said.

When asked if she would recommend TripMaster to other transportation providers, Jardon didn’t hesitate to say, “Yes. Yes. Yes!”

“If you want to reduce the stress of worrying about scheduling mix-ups or rides getting deleted by accident, or being able to create reports that you need, then this is the program you want and need,” she said. “This program has saved me. Without TripMaster, I would not have been able to run my department as efficiently as I have. It is wonderful to not be stressed at the end of the day.”

Are you ready to see how TripMaster can help your non-emergency medical transportation or paratransit service improve efficiencies like Independence Inc.? Do what Independence Inc. did and give the CTS team a call. We’ll be happy to schedule a demo and answer any questions you have.