Are you a transit provider working with MTM, LogistiCare, Alivi, or Access2Care?

TripMaster is the only NEMT Software that has been selected as a Premier Partner by 4 of the top trip brokers

Broker Integrations with MTM, LogistiCare, Alivi, and Access2Care is the key to your success

TripMaster has been chosen as a Premier Partner by four of the most well-known trip brokers in the NEMT industry. Our software integrates seamlessley with MTM, LogistiCare, Alivi, and Access2Care to make your job easier, your business more cost-effective and your life better!

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“I barely know how to use a computer. This [tablet] is so easy to use I keep thinking I must be missing something.”

— Karen, Driver, Kimball County Transit Services, NE

How TripMaster helps transit providers working with MTM, Access2Care, Alivi and LogistiCare

  • We safely and securely move your existing data for you
  • We provide best-in-class training to get your team up-to-speed fast
  • Our dedicated customer service team will take as much time as necessary to ensure you never have a problem using TripMaster
  • Intuitive driver app, available on iOS and Android, that saves your operation hundreds of hours
  • Automated billing with electronic signatures to help you turn around payments quickly and with greater transparency
  • Integration with multiple trip brokers
  • Optimized scheduling to help you run efficiently with reduced staff
  • Web-based platform to easily accommodate remote work arrangements for your team

Features built specifically for transit agencies working with MTM, LogistiCare, Alivi and Access2Care

Our intuitive interface shows you what rides were imported into TripMaster from your chosen Premier Partner and what completed rides have been invoiced back to them for quick turnaround times on payment.

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