TripMaster’s Online TripPortal for NEMT & Paratransit Software

Give riders the power they need to reduce your workload

Taking phone calls for reservations is a major time investment for your dispatchers. Cut down on phone traffic by enrolling your riders in the TripMaster TripPortal, an online rider app that allows them to easily manage ride requests from their computer or smartphone. You can also enroll Rider Delegates, people from assisted living facilities, hospitals, group homes, or similar organizations, who can make ride requests on behalf of riders. The end result? Happier dispatchers and better customer service.


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“CTS has been a huge success for us and has made life easier ever since we have been using TripMaster. If you need an update in the way you are currently operating and want to save time and effort, TripMaster is the way to go.”

— Calhoun County Transit, NC


User-friendly for everyone

Inviting customers to TripPortal is as easy as it gets. Just type in their email address, click “invite to portal” and you’re done. Your customers can then enter when and where they want to go, check reservation status updates and more.


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