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Safe & convenient rider fare collection & tracking

Rider Ticketing

Cash fares are time-consuming for drivers and office staff, and a liability to transport and store on vehicles. Eliminate these issues with ParaPass, an optional module to complement ParaScope, our mobile application. Keep better track of fare payments in a way that’s safe for your drivers and easy for your riders—they just load their ParaPass at the office or over the phone, your driver scans it when they board, and off they go!

ParaPass lets you save the stress and accountability concerns of transporting and handling cash, increase on-time performance by streamlining driver tasks, and increase ridership by offering flexible payment methods.


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“CTS has been a huge success for us and has made life easier since we have been using Trip Master. If you need an update in the way you are currently operating and want to save time and effort, Trip Master is the way to go.”

— Calhoun County Transit, NC

ParaPass allows you to…

  • Reduce the liability of handling and transporting cash in vehicles and in the office
  • Increase accountability in fare handling
  • Easily accommodate passengers who prefer to prepay via credit or debit card
  • Track use of passes
  • and more!


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