TripMaster: The Leading Alternative to WellRyde and #1 NEMT Software Competitor

By November 7, 2019

TripMaster, an alternative to WellRyde, knows transportation software like no other agency. It’s been perfecting it for more than 30 years.

In today’s ever-evolving mobile and agile society, there are tons of options when it comes to getting a ride to an important appointment or service. How does a rider know which one to pick?

  • Do they call and wait for a traditional taxi service?
  • Ask a friend or family member and hope they remember to show up?
  • Use a mobile service that’s better known for airport pickup and late night bar shuttles?
  • Or, do they know they can select a service that’s been specifically vetted to meet their non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) or paratransit needs?

As confusing as that can be for riders, selecting an NEMT or paratransit software platform for a service provider can be just as challenging.

  • Which technology is right for you?
  • Which software integrates into your existing programs and services?
  • Which software will help you communicate better with your drivers and riders?
  • Which one will help you improve routes and facilitate faster billing and payment services?
  • The questions go on and on…

So how do you know which NEMT software solution may be best for you? Today, we’re taking a closer look at two of these providers, TripMaster, which has served the NEMT industry for more than 30 years, and a relative newcomer, WellRyde. See why TripMaster is the #1 competitor and best alternative to emerging services like WellRyde.

Company Information

CTS Software (TripMaster) and WellRyde are both U.S.-based companies, both headquartered in the Southern U.S. While many WellRyde team members are based outside the U.S., all of the CTS team is based right here in America.

While WellRyde’s technology has only been deployed for about three years, CTS Software (TripMaster) has been actively involved in the transportation software industry since it was founded back in 1982.

TripMaster works with public or privately owned non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) and paratransit providers of all sizes.

WellRyde is part of NuVizz, a supply chain management consultant company that also offers mobility solutions for enterprise. WellRyde has a broader focus than TripMaster’s laser focus of timely, high quality rider services for NEMT needs. WellRyde can also be used to deliver products like packages.

Technical Support and Training

WellRyde has an online customer support resource center where users can submit support tickets for help, read more about the product, access training, and get up-to-date on the latest release notes. WellRyde also sends new users a welcome packet that includes information about how to access its help portal, information about how to log in, and some sample spreadsheet templates.

When it comes to customer support and training, TripMaster is routinely recognized for outstanding service, especially for its around-the-clock accessibility for issue resolution and help. And, among clients’ favorite assets—the opportunity to speak to a real person—not an automated voice—when issues arise.

Here’s an example from one of TripMaster’s clients, which echoes the sentiment of many companies—large and small, public and private—the team works with:

“The attention CTS staff provides users is impeccable-—their team is on top of all issues 24 hours a day. If there is a problem and we call customer service, someone (a person) answers the phone and is able to provide assistance,” said Carol Long from Onslow United Transit System. “They follow up continuously until the problem is fixed.”

On Capterra, a business software review site, TripMaster receives high praise from users. Here’s a quick look at how it ranks:

  • Overall: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Ease of Use: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Customer Service: 4.7 out of 5 stars

There are no similar reviews or rankings for WellRyde on Capterra, but Apple Store reviews show an average rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars with users reporting some issues with functionality.

CTS Software also has 5 stars on Google Reviews, with no data available for WellRyde.

Among many service qualities that sets TripMaster apart from competitors like WellRyde is the extensive training offered to each new customer deploying TripMaster.

TripMaster has a cloud-based knowledge center, which is accessible for every new customer. This portal includes video training tutorials and well as multiple documents that outline and walk customers through all of the software’s features.

A customer generally completes all of the TripMaster onboarding and training in less than 30 days, but there is flexibility based on customer needs and availability. CTS Software works with each client to ensure their training needs are met to facilitate quick and efficient platform usage.

For customers who prefer a more hands-on approach, TripMaster also offers on-site training. This facilitates additional knowledge exchange where users can directly engage with TripMaster’s specialists face-to-face, asking questions and building personalized relationships with the CTS customer support team.

After training is complete, the CTS team is just a phone call away with a 24-hour customer support line. TripMaster’s customer service number and email address are also easy-to-find and clearly displayed on its website.

As reflected in the Onslow Transit review, not only do customers get access to a person when they call, the team is also dedicated to providing timely follow-up communication until every issue is resolved.


Both TripMaster and WellRyde interface with LogistiCare, which manages NEMT programs for state governments and other managed care programs.

TripMaster's LogistiCare interface allows users to import trips, collect signatures from passengers, and bill LogistiCare directly.

Here’s a look at TripMaster's LogistiCare interface:


Both TripMaster and WellRyde offer route optimization. WellRyde enables users to map trips in advance and make adjustments as needed.

TripMaster, however, has an automated scheduling engine, which allows providers to route all trips to drivers and vehicles in the most efficient manner possible. This feature comes with tons of flexibility and can schedule about 100 rides per minute. 

Within TripMaster, users can access visual displays of rides and routes including providing turn-by-turn directions, mileage estimates, drive time calculations, and a satellite view of locations.

TripMaster’s routing services facilitate accurate, real-time data delivery for NEMT agencies to help operations stay on track and on-time, thereby improving (or exceeding) ADA standards for On-Time Performance (OTP). Check out this blog about how one NEMT provider improved its OTP record from less than 75% to more than 96% with the help of TripMaster software.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Both TripMaster and WellRyde offer automated vehicle location (AVL) to give NEMT providers insight into their fleet locations.

TripMaster provides a standalone map display that enables a comprehensive look into where each vehicle is at any given time, how fast it’s traveling, and a historical down-to-the minute review of all related vehicle data that can be accessed at any time.

One NEMT agency used TripMaster’s AVL to discover a driver was taking a bus home for a nap, something it would have been unlikely to uncover without TripMaster’s AVL support. This client reported the AVL feature now helps the company more accurately manage all of its drivers and equipment.

Mobile Data Terminals and ParaScope

Many NEMT software providers use mobile data terminals. TripMaster’s ParaScope app helps connect drivers and dispatchers so they can communicate quickly and efficiently.

What sets ParaScope apart from others?

It’s ease of use.

ParaScope displays the driver’s trip manifest electronically and updates trip information in real time including pick-up and drop-off odometers and times. The system’s built-in GPS also helps drivers navigate from one location to another.

Also included are:

  • Electronic manifests/trip sheets
  • Electronic vehicle inspections
  • Real-time data capture of times and odometers
  • Instant schedule updates
  • Safer messaging between drivers and dispatchers
  • Vehicle tracking on standalone maps
  • Electronic signature capture

Available on iOS and Android, ParaScope is recognized as one of the most user-friendly in the industry.

“I love ParasScope,” a transportation provider said after using the platform for more than two years. “Auto scheduler is great once it is set to what works best. I like being able to track everything going on in the vehicles. Speed, GPS, pick-up times, arrival times.”

Check out more of TripMaster’s features here.


Like most NEMT and paratransit dispatch software providers, TripMaster charges a fee to set up and customize the platform to meet each customer’s unique needs. Costs vary based on features requested, the number of vehicles within a provider’s fleet, how many dispatchers access the system, and other key factors. Even so, TripMaster is routinely priced less than most of its competitors, including WellRyde.

With a starting price of only $100 a month, TripMaster has a flexible pricing structure and includes more free, out-of-the-box features than most all of its competitors.

WellRyde’s basic package begins at about $200 a month, according to its website, and it offers a 30-day free trial, compared to a 90-day money-back guarantee offered by TripMaster. That 90-day money-back guarantee includes all maintenance and support fees.

TripMaster also offers flexible SaaS pricing. Customers may choose to pay initial set-up fees upfront or those fees can be wrapped into the ongoing monthly fee and paid over a longer period of time. This helps agencies that use TripMaster keep their upfront costs lower and then those fees increase over time as their fleet size and usage increases.

Also of note is how quickly TripMaster’s new customers can be up and running on the platform. In general, most new customers are active in less than 30 days, but if a faster timeline is needed, the CTS team can work with a client and in some cases have go-live in two weeks.

For customers working with LogistiCare, TripMaster is on their national contract. This means the broker will cover all software costs for the trips you accept from their portal.


We mentioned earlier that TripMaster’s mapping engine is updated regularly (quarterly) to ensure accurate and timely information is available for NEMT and paratransit agencies, but the software is also updated frequently, generally at least monthly, to ensure bugs are resolved and service delivery is constantly improved to meet users’ needs.

When it comes to making customers happy and specializing in a field where decades of experience put them heads above the rest, TripMaster routinely outperforms and out-ranks its competitors, including WellRyde.

Are you ready to put TripMaster to work for you? Sign up today for a free demo and start saving your agency time and money with NEMT automation.