Keep Your NEMT Drivers and Riders Safe With Dash Cam Visibility from TripView

By May 19, 2020

Since 2012, the global dash cam market currently sits at 2.5 billion and is expected to reach 6 billion by 2026.

Part of the market drive is derived from additions of camera installations in newer vehicles. 

Rear-view back-up cameras are common in newer vehicles, but so are internal, side, and front-facing cameras. These cameras are often included in vehicles as components of an advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS), which is designed to help eliminate blind spots, assist with parking, alert drivers about lane departures, and emerging in the market—even self-driving capabilities.

Part of the increased market penetration has to do with the evolution of the technology itself. Today’s cameras are smaller, lighter, perform better, provide higher-quality videos and images, and cost less. They’re also emerging as part of the growing technological benefits offered for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers.

If you’re an NEMT provider, your fleet may consist of older vehicles or newer vehicles that aren’t equipped with cameras. But that doesn’t mean you have to lose visibility. With CTS Software’s new TripView dash cam, you can get video insight into your drivers’ performance—and issues that may affect your drivers’ and riders’ safety.

Dash Cam Benefits

Not long ago, cameras felt intrusive and a bit Big-Brother, but today they’re so common, many of us don’t even realize they’re there. 

Whether you’re making a withdrawal from an ATM, walking into a store, or even passing by a neighbor’s house, there’s a decent chance somewhere along the way, a camera recorded at least part of your adventure.

That’s becoming similar with technology in vehicles. 

For example, newer model U.S. vehicles are equipped with “black box” technology that captures information just prior to and after a crash including how fast you’re driving, if seatbelts are engaged, when or if brakes are applied, and a number of other factors. 

Black box data is often used in accident investigations and can help or hinder at-fault drivers during those investigations.

Accident documentation

Similar to black boxes, dash cams capture important information about what happens leading up to and immediately following an accident. Some of the newer dash cameras even have multiple cameras mounted in the same unit and can capture what’s happening in front of the vehicle and to its rear simultaneously. 

These cameras are activated upon vehicle ignition and run until shut off or go into standby mode.

If you’re an NEMT provider, you can also choose a dash cam with technology that alerts you when an accident occurs so you can quickly respond and review footage. 

A dash cam can also document a number of factors about what happened including whether or not your driver or someone else is at fault.

Insurance savings

CTS Software has partnered with one of the nation’s largest insurance providers and is working on a special model that will give TripView customers up to a 20% discount on insurance premiums. Check our blog later for updates!

Instruction tool

As an NEMT provider, you’re responsible for the safety and well-being of your drivers and their passengers. While many NEMT businesses provide routine safety training and evaluations for their drivers, it can be difficult to know exactly how your drivers perform in real-world scenarios, especially when other team members aren’t around.

By installing dash cams into your fleet, not only will you have insight into how well your drivers are responding to standard safety protocols and your company expectations, you can use footage gathered by the cameras as a learning and instruction tool. 

  • Do you have a driver who routinely goes over the speed limit? 
  • Forgets to consistently use a turn signal? 
  • Fails to come to a complete stop? 

These things can happen for drivers who are focused on getting customers from point A to point B, while meeting on-time performance obligations. 

Instead of speaking in generalities or looking only at numbers collected by automatic vehicle location systems, you can review dash cam video with your drivers to highlight areas for improvement and celebrate the things they’re doing right that meet safety standards. 

Also, should you have issues where your drivers’ safety procedures come into question or there are other performance issues, the video footage can help you coach and mentor or support termination where needed.

Vehicle tracking

While NEMT software solutions like TripMaster already provide real-time fleet tracking with map updates, a dash cam can give you further insight into exactly where your vehicles are at any given time. Cameras supported by cloud-based video storage mean you can pull video logs whenever you need to ensure your fleet is where it should be when it should be. 

Audio monitoring

Most NEMT drivers aren’t just trained in driving skills, but they’re also trained in safety protocols related to passenger movement for people with disabilities or other health issues. 

Dash cams can also help ensure your drivers are meeting standards and expectations with the addition of audio monitoring. This can also be a critical component related to customer satisfaction and another way to mentor and encourage your employees about meeting team goals and standards. 

Likewise, if an issue arises with a passenger where he-said-she-said divides exist, dash cam audio and video can help you quickly sort out what happened so you can take appropriate and decisive action.

Protect your fleet

While a dash cam can give you insight into driver performance when they’re on the road, they can also help keep your fleet safe when they’re not. Dash cams offer an array of “on” features. 

Some cams engage when your vehicle starts. In that scenario, you can quickly see if an unauthorized person has engaged your vehicle and where they’re headed. Others offer a standby feature that is motion activated. If someone is poking around your lot or vehicles, these cameras can capture that activity so someone can quickly notify authorities and stop potential theft or damage to your vehicles.

Fraud prevention

Have you seen videos where someone will intentionally spill a liquid in a store or restaurant, fake a fall, and then claim injury so they can sue for damages? 

Or what about when an employee fakes an injury—or blames an existing injury on a job-related issue–hoping to cash in?

While less common, any business involved in transporting people from one location to another can be at risk of fraud. A dash cam can help protect you from fraud by providing real-time audio and video evidence of engagements with your drivers, riders, and the public at any time.

Now is the Right Time for TripView

As we mentioned earlier, dash cameras and related technology have never been more affordable. The potential for up to a 20% insurance discount makes them even more so, and in some cases, they will more than pay for themselves in saved insurance premiums. 

CTS Software offers SaaS pricing for TripView, which means you’ll pay nothing up front. Your monthly usage fee includes installation, set up, training, cellular fees, and cloud-hosting for video storage.

With a growing list of benefits for NEMT customers, if you haven’t already considered purchasing dash cams for your fleet, now is the time. 

Here are some of the key features CTS Software now offers with TripView camera integration:

  • Multi-camera design
  • Advanced data monitoring
  • Instant notification of accidents with instant access to related data
  • Automated video uploads with cloud-based video storage
  • Easily-accessible camera history
  • Live driver feed available at any time
  • Geo-fencing to keep an eye on where your cars are coming and going
  • Customizable alerts
  • Panic buttons for your drivers as well as shock and accident alerts
  • Various camera options
  • Audio and video recording
  • Tamper-resistant covers
  • Automated power up and shutoff features

Ready to add a dash cam option to your NEMT technology to help you do better business and keep your drivers and riders safe? Contact a CTS Software team member today and we’ll help you find the right camera options for your fleet.