Customer Spotlight : Allendale COA (South Carolina)

By AaronRovner September 4, 2019

We truly have some amazing customers and we are so thankful for each one of them!

This month, we’re excited to spotlight the outstanding (and award-winning) work of Allendale County Office on Aging, in South Carolina. 

The Allendale County Office on Aging provides programs and services at the senior center in Fairfax to promote the well-being of older adults who live in Allendale County, and they rely heavily on their transit department to transport their seniors. Their transportation department has been utilizing TripMaster for almost 1.5 years, according to their Executive Director, William Robinson, and since implementing the software, Mr. Robinson says it has made their life so much easier! He notes that the system is “so user-friendly”; they didn’t even need on-site training as he was able to teach himself a ton and has trained all the drivers himself on PARASCOPE (TripMaster’s mobile app for drivers).

Mr. Robinson also noted how much more efficient their transit department is since they’ve started using TM- which is “so important for a small agency (especially since they rely heavily on trips from brokers in the state)”. They have increased the number of trips they provide, while also cutting costs on paper, document storage fees, etc.. His staff love the benefits of being cloud-based as they can login to make updates from anywhere, anytime. They also love how easy TripMaster makes billing for their agency, especially for the brokered trips!

Allendale COA has had great success, over the past year and since utilizing TripMaster. We were thrilled to hear they were awarded the South Carolina Transportation Provider of the Year from T.A.S.C. (Transportation Association of S.C.). Mr. Robinson had this to say, “Switching to TripMaster was important in helping us receive this recognition.  It truly has helped our team operate more efficiently.  I appreciate all of the support the CTS staff has provided to us.  Thank you.”

THANK YOU Allendale COA for the exceptional services you provide to the seniors of South Carolina, and for your partnership with CTS.