What NEMT Brokers are Operating in my Area?

By June 17, 2019

If you’re in the world of paratransit, you already know why transportation brokers are so important for business. Just like paratransit and NEMT organizations themselves, brokers come in radically different sizes. Some are hyper-local, others are regional, and others are international in scope; there are, of course, advantages and disadvantages to working with each type of broker.

If you’re looking for contracts for your paratransit business, it’s important to be prepared first--and one of the best things you can do is make sure your NEMT organization has great software. These days, certain features like live-vehicle tracking may even be required by the majority of brokers.

When it comes time to research which brokers might be right for your business, it’s best to begin with an overview based on broker size, since the field is getting more complicated than ever. Below, we’ve broken down some of the best-known large NEMT brokers, regional players, and some examples of local organizations too. As you’ll see, brokers sometimes have territory that overlaps--which is why it’s important to check all of your options when it comes time to start getting contracts.

Nationwide NEMT Brokers

These days, there are several large players in the NEMT industry. Note that larger brokers will generally have more complex certification agreements and some, like Access2Care, have an application available for potential partners to complete on their websites. Even small providers should look at these large companies, especially if they are trying to operate NEMT services in a state that doesn’t have its own local brokers.  

  • LogistiCare may be the largest NEMT broker in the United States; they currently operate in every state except Wyoming.



  • EpicMD is an NEMT broker with operations in every state. EpicMD is a broker leading the wave of public-private funding partnerships for paratransit; for example, EpicMD partnered with a program that serves Medicare recipients in Florida in 2018.



  • OneCall is a medical transport broker that serves both national and international needs for everything from NEMT to air ambulances.  


(866) 246-OCMT

  • MTM is another large contender, serving some two-thirds of American states. Service exists on both coasts, though there is more presence in the Eastern portion of the US.



  • Access2Care is a program provided through AMR, a nationwide company that does primarily emergency medical transport. Access2Care, however, currently serves 29 states.



Regional NEMT Brokers

There are many brokers that operate in multiple clusters of states throughout the US. Although coverage on both coasts is common, each regional provider’s coverage area varies fairly significantly by company. That being said, there is now a regional broker that covers almost every US state. Due to the more moderate size of these companies, provider requirements may vary quite significantly from one broker to the next. Regional brokers may already have contacts or relationships with individual state providers within their general regions, which can be a great opportunity for NEMT providers with smaller, local fleets.

  • Secure Transportation is a large regional broker that operates on the West Coast and Southwest (except for Oregon and Nevada) regions of the US. They also now cover Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin.


1 (800) 856-9994

  • National MedTrans is a medium-sized broker. They currently operate in California, Nevada, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Floridia/ Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and New York



  • Veyo is a new medium-size broker that bills itself as “the next generation” of medical transport. This includes opportunities for individual drivers to work directly with Veyo, in the style of other rideshare startups. Veyo currently operates in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, and Virginia, but direct driver service is only available in Arizona, California, and Connecticut.



  • Southeastrans serves--you guessed it--states primarily along the Southeastern seaboard, namely, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington DC. They work primarily with Medicaid and HMO providers.



Individual State NEMT Brokers

Although new providers may think that the “big” brokers are the best way to get contracts, state (or even county!) organizations should not be overlooked as potentially lucrative transportation partners. This is especially true now that <a href=”what is microtransit”> “microtransit” </a> has become something of a buzzword and many state or county transit agencies are beginning to experiment with public-private partnerships. If your organization is just starting out, super-local NEMT brokers may be a great option for new contracts.


  • Rural Transit Enterprises Coordinated, Inc. (RTEC) serves Southeastern Kentucky using an innovative business model that has helped local transit organizations save money while expanding services to riders with special needs.




  • The Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA), is a public transit organization that provides a combination of NEMT/Paratransit operations as well as shuttle services to larger transit hubs. Contracts for private bidders are available.  




  • Provide-a-Ride is a broker that covers various transportation needs in Ohio (including NEMT) by partnering with both public and private organizations. The area that subcontractors can bid for is generally in Northern Ohio.




  • Virginia Premiere works with Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries in VA.



If this list of brokers wasn’t a clear indication, the field of paratransit and NEMT continues to grow as the American population ages and technology makes curb-to-curb transportation easier than ever. If you’re ready to jump into a field with plenty of opportunity for growth, read more about starting your own NEMT business, why software matters, or start learning directly about policy when it comes to how NEMT funding works.