April Customer Spotlight: Healthy Start Medical Transport (Wilson, NC)

By Aaron Rovner April 26, 2019

April is upon is and spring is officially here!

This month, we’d like to recognize Healthy Start Medical Transportation out of Wilson, NC for their continued effort to provide better transit services to the citizens of Eastern North Carolina.

Healthy Start is a privately owned, non-emergency medical and ancillary transportation service company that works hard delivering consistent and reliable services. They serve numerous counties in Eastern NC, and since implementing TripMaster, have been able to expand their operation significantly.

Kevin Newton of Healthy Start had this to say about his agency’s success so far, “CTS is so important to us! We’ve come such a long way (since implementing TripMaster). We switched off our old system within a month and have had huge growth ever since.”

Kevin also talked about how the routing has been a big success for them because they often must travel long distances through rural counties. He also spoke of the reporting and billing tools, and how important they have been for their company, “the way we can review and analyze the information helped us change the way we do business. We have had huge growth—doubling and tripling our rides per day.” And, “the NC Medicaid billing module saved me hours of time each week.”

Kevin and his team saw a need in their state for reliable transportation services and are working hard to meet this need and continue to grow their successful business.

Great job Healthy Start—you all are a great example that hard work pays off and we’re proud to have you as a loyal customer!