Transportation networks: new avenues for NEMT growth

By Aaron Rovner October 2, 2018

This one’s a no-brainer: as a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) provider, you grow your business by increasing your daily trip count.

This rapidly evolving industry includes more avenues than ever to accomplish this task; in years past, you had to put on your sales hat and go door-to-door to agencies in your community. Fast forward to now, where a shift in the market has moved toward brokers handling large state contracts like Medicaid, further opening the market for smaller NEMT providers to increase their trip count.

This new, rapidly growing space of on-demand transportation networks means more opportunity for providers like you.

On-demand transportation networks like Circulation, Ride Health, and RoundTrip are gaining momentum across the country and are expected to continue to be prominent models in the NEMT space. The general idea is that these networks provide hospitals and other healthcare facilities with an easy-to-use app for booking real-time transportation for patients when they schedule follow-up appointments, or for discharges and transfers.

Just like with a broker, there is an enrollment process and credentialing to ensure transportation providers like yours meet the requirements to join the network. Once successfully enrolled, you are notified of trips that need to be fulfilled, and you can accept them through an API in your scheduling software solution.

Working with these new transportation networks allows NEMT providers to perform trips for a wider range of facilities without having to work directly with each facility’s finance department. This model also leads to a higher level of pick-up and drop-off coordination because of a stronger real-time understanding of the patient’s needs.

To find out more about some of these on-demand transportation networks, follow some of the links below, or you contact CTS Software to learn about the integrations we have in place or in process with each of them.